Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) by Erdal Ozkaya

“Shoud we Upgrade or not” article took lots of attention last week, I had many e-mails, asking how they can get the FREE Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) and install it. This article is all about PSI :

The Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) is a free computer security solution that identifies vulnerabilities in non-Microsoft (third-party) programs which can leave your PC open to attacks.

Simply put, it scans software on your system and identifies programs in need of security updates to safeguard your PC against cybercriminals. It then supplies your computer with the necessary software security updates to keep it safe. The Secunia PSI even automates the updates for your insecure programs, making it a lot easier for you to maintain a secure PC.

Using a scanner like Secunia PSI 3.0 is complementary to antivirus software, and as a free computer security program, is essential for every home computer. It constantly monitors your system for insecure software installations, notifies you when an insecure application is installed, and even provides you with detailed instructions for updating the application when available.

To download Secunia PSI simply visit their web site at:

PSI supports multiple languages. (Danish, English, French, German, Spanish, Norwegian and Dutch)

System Requirements

Windows XP Sp3 till Windows 10 (Windows 10 is not officially supported yet, but my demo and this article is based on my Windows 10 Build 9860)

To install and run the Secunia PSI you require administrative privileges. If you don’t have admin privileges you should make sure to have someone who has the rights next to you during the installation.

STEP by STEP installation:

  1. Go to Secunia web site and download Secunia PSI

2. Click “Download Now

3. If you wish to help your friends to have an easier “Software Patch Environment “ you can share Secunia PSI with them right from the web site in to Social Media Account. You can slick “Yes, share link” or “No thanks” ( Bottom left site)

4. Microsoft Windows is going to ask if you wish to save the PSISectup.exe or run it. If you have multiple computers that you want to use PSI I would recommend you to save it and share it via your Network or USB, if not you can run the software…

Download will continue, and once it’s done Windows will scan it and let you know that the download is complete.

5. Double Click the PSISetup.exe file

6. Windows User Account Control will warn you which you can safely ignore. But it’s always a very good practise to double check the Software Publisher, in this case you will see that the publisher is Secunia

7. Select your installation Language

8. Read the welcome page, its recommended you close all your applications during the installation to avoid reboot of your PC,

9. Read the End User License Agreement (EULA) If you agree tick the Accept button, if not cancel the installation

10. If you have agreed, it’s time to select your “Automatic Update Configuration”, select the best option which applies to you. In this case I would select the recommend path

11.The installation will start ,

and if nothing goes wrong it will complete where you can click the Finish button.

You can lunch the software right after the installation has completed its tasks 🙂

12.Based on your computer speed and applications, Secunia PSI will examine your PC

13.In my case it detected missing Windows Update ( Yes, Windows 10 Beta)

14. PSI will direct you to the Windows Update settings

15.Once the update is complete, you can go ahead and check your other software’s which requires “patch” in my case my WinRar Software required update,

Just go ahead and click “update software” , it will take you to the verified software vendor web page, where you can update your software

After the update PSI will examine your PC again

If the installation happened successfully, you will get a System score of 100%, if not you need to patch your other missing updates and until you update all your software you will not reach the score of 100

“What if you have a few more computers?

The same scanning capabilities of the PSI are available in the commercial edition: Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI).

The CSI also provides full integration with existing Microsoft Deployment Tools SCCM and WSUS so you can now manage the deployment of critical patches for non-Microsoft updates in the same manner that you deploy Microsoft updates.

Secunia CSI provides the Vulnerability Intelligence, Vulnerability Scanning, Patch Creation and Patch Deployment to effectively address the challenge of 3rd party application patch management.”


Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) Request Unlimited Trial

If you need to scan more than one host during your evaluation of the Secunia CSI, you can request a 30 day trial with unlimited scans by filling out the form below.


The article was originally published by Erdal OzkayaErdal Ozkaya Personal Blog on November 24th, 2014. It is reproduced on this blog with an author’s permission.


Security Training for Free by Erdal Ozkaya

Security for free

This blog post is like an all-star security heaven.

It will help you to learn from the best in the in industry. It has all what you need to understand on what is going on today in the security industry. It will help you gain Security certifications again for FREE.

Certifications like EC Council Hacking Countermeasures or ISC’s CISSP, sessions from Mark Russinovich to Hasain Alshakarti, Marcus Murray to Paula, Andy, Raymond and of course my self.

Of course I could not fit all the legends in but, this is a good way to kick start your career or start protect your IT environment.


Courses from Charles Sturt University

Hacking Countermeasures
Information Security Incident Handling
Network Security Administrator Certification
CISSP Security Certification
Cisco CCNA Security
Cloud Models, Architecture, and Risk Management

Courses From Microsoft

Defense in Depth
Security Fundamentals
What’s New in Windows 8.1 Security
Securing Your DM Infrastructure with Role-Based Admin

Recorded Conference sessions (Microsoft Tech Ed Sessions)

P0wn3d! What’s Next?
Why a Hacker Can Own Your Web Servers in a Day!
Hacker Tools for Ethical Hackers to Protect Windows Clients
Raiders of the Elevated Token: Understanding User Account Control and App Capabilities in Windows
Live Demonstration: Hacker Tools You Should Know and Worry about
Learning the Basics of Penetration Testing!
Case of the Unexplained: Troubleshooting with Mark Russinovich
Malware Hunting with Mark Russinovich and the Sysinternals Tools
Public Cloud Security: Surviving in a Hostile Multi-Tenant Environment
Pass-the-Hash: How Attackers Spread and How to Stop Them
The Ultimate Hardening Guide: What to Do to Make Hackers Pick Someone Else
Hacker’s Perspective on Your Windows Infrastructure: Mandatory Check List
CSI: Windows – Techniques for Finding the Cause of Unexpected System Takeovers
Hackers (Not) Halted
The Inside Man: Surviving the Ultimate Cyber Threa
The Dark Web Rises: A Journey through the Looking Glass!
A Game of Clouds: Black Belt Security for the Microsoft Cloud
Cloud Network Automation: DDI/IPAM
Erdal Ozkaya – Microsoft Tech Ed Talks All
Bulletproofing Your Network Security
Windows 8.1: Black Belt Security
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Social Engineering: Manipulations, Targeted Attacks, and IT Security
Field Experience: Troubleshooting Long Boot and High Resource Consumptions

and much more

Hack yourself First


The article was originally published by Erdal OzkayaErdal Ozkaya Personal Blog on April 19th, 2015. It is reproduced on this blog with an author’s permission.

Free Zemana Anti Malware for all OF YOU* by Erdal Ozkaya

Zemana is one of my favorite Anti Malware products,

Which is known to being simple , effective and fast.

And here is the real good news for you , in partnership of Zemana, I can give all of you a FREE license for up to ONE YEAR. All what you have to do is , follow me at Twitter or like my public Facebook page , if not add me in at LinkedIn and I will send you your key

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Once you do that, go to Zemana web site (, download the Anti Malware ( and copy the license key which I will send you.

That’s it, enjoy and BE SAFE


How does Zemana works?

Zemana has XL Microsoft Azure Servers which are totally optimized for parallel scanning and all the scanning is performed in the cloud. So, your PC is just a thin client in this scenario and unlike other scanners they don’t use your PC’s resources, plus there are no signature database updates and other old-school AV engine traditions. It is a true cloud antimalware.

For more info check their web site


***Terms and Conditions****

This offer is only valid for the first 5000 participants , and its Valid first come, first served based. This offer may end without notice, the offer cannot be exchanged for cash. The installation of the software will be your responsibility, the offer is as is and Erdal Ozkaya will not be liable for any damage or loss.

No protection software will completely guarantee against unauthorized access or virus contamination, but it may increase the security of your computer systems.

Erdal Ozkaya does not receive commission from the sale of any software.

If you need any support regarding the SOFTWARE please visit Zemana’s Support Web Site:


The article was originally published by Erdal OzkayaErdal Ozkaya Personal Blog on May 28th, 2015. It is reproduced on this blog with an author’s permission.